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Renovation of antique vehicles

Not only is the ownership of an antique vehicle enjoyable, it may also be a profitable investment. An important factor for its value is definitely the vehicle condition.

If your vehicle is not in preserved original condition, is immobile or exposed to corrosion, it is time you considered a renovation of your antique car.

How is renovation of antique vehicles performed in Autodílny Kočer

We are happy to help you with complete as well as with partial renovation of your antique vehicle.

We have had long-term experience with renovations of antique vehicles. We perform most of the operations ourselves.

  • All bodywork, repairs and remanufacturing of different parts, renovations of motors, gearboxes, chassis, etc.
  • Furthermore, we professionally upholster your car, sandblast damaged or corroded parts and apply chrome, zinc coating, etc.
  • We are able to obtain most of your spare parts for your antique vehicles.

We offer warranty for our work renovating antique vehicles. We always try to bring the renovated car into such condition as when it left the factory upon its manufacture.

Look at reference photographs of antique vehicles and see that we are able to make a beautiful antique car vehicle out of a rusty pile of scrap.

How much is the renovation of antique vehicles

The approach to each antique vehicle differs based on the condition of the renovated vehicle, availability and price of parts and exact requirements of the customer.

Every renovation process is photo documented and we hand over the whole photo documentation to the customer on a CD (photographs are in .jpg format).

We are also happy to help to choose the right antique vehicle for renovation for those who want to own one.

Rely on us and you won’t need to waste your time, that is why we’re here for.

We never uselessly increase the price and we never put you in fait accompli situation!

In case you are interested in an antique vehicle renovation or just have enquiries, contact us.