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The brake liquid wears out over time. Its boiling point changes, mainly due to the water content in the brake liquid and impurities. We recommend having the brake liquid checked once a year, once every two years at the latest. 

In our garage we check your brake liquid, alternatively we recommend its replacement.

Replacement and alignment of brake discs

We don’t just replace brake discs, we repair them as well. If your brake discs are older, have a poor surface, but still comply with the minimum required thickness, it is not a reason for replacement. We will align your brake discs with a precise lathe for a fraction of the price of a new disc.

Replacement of brake pads or repairs and replacement of brake shoes, calipers 

We perform complete remanufacturing as well as replacements of brake shoes. The brake shoes are one of the most stressed parts of the vehicle and are constantly exposed to dirt. In case they are not working well, we can disassemble, clean, align and completely reseal the part, thus avoiding the purchase of expansive new parts.

  • Replacement of brake pads
  • Replacement of corroded brake pipes
  • Replacement of brake rear wheel cylinders for drum brakes
  • Repairs and replacements of brake cylinders and power brake boosters
  • Replacement of ABS sensors
  • Replacement of electronic parking brakes
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