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Repairs of exhausts in original quality for an unoriginal price.

If you have an older vehicle, you already know, or this problem is waiting for you. Your car tends to be noisier and your visits to petrol stations are suspiciously frequent. Leaking exhaust is to blame.

Poor sealing of the exhaust system has an effect on vehicle noise as well as on fuel consumption. Have the whole exhaust system checked with us. We can also check the whole hanging system of exhaust piping.

  • We repair faults in exhaust manifold of the vehicle.
  • We can replace a broken flexible exhaust pipe
  • We replace and repair catalytic converters


A scare called Diesel Particulate Filter 

In relation to exhaust systems, the owners of modern diesel vehicles are more troubled by another thing. It is called a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and its task is to limit harmful emissions from diesel engines. It requires a special care and maintenance.  

If your vehicle on-board system announces a problem with a DPF, we can help you deal with it and arrange a potential cleaning or replacement. We check complex causes of the problem and never do reckless replacement while the cause of problems with DPF may stem from the faults in the motor itself or the way of driving which prevents the right regeneration.

The issue of DPF is rather complex and we are happy to give you advice. You can contact us.

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