Car battery service

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Monday - Friday
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Do you have problems with starting: Do you have to recharge battery too often? It may be the time to replace the vehicle battery. We will deal with this procedure while maintaining data in dashboard electronics thanks to the back up of dashboard voltage.

We will also arrange the disposal of an old accumulator. In short, with us you will have a new vehicle battery without any troubles.
If your battery is still not at its end of lifespan, let us take care of its maintenance. It may only need:

  • Checking accumulator capacity – battery condition measurement by a special device
  • Electrolyte filling
  • Charging the accumulator

Vehicle battery replacement is not a complicated operation, but if you leave it for us, you will have no troubles with the accumulator, ensured professional work and you won’t get dirty. Stop by or contact us for vehicle battery replacement.

The brake liquid wears out over time. Its boiling point changes, mainly due to the water content in the brake liquid and impurities. We recommend having the brake liquid checked once a year, once every two years at the latest.

In our garage we check your brake liquid, alternatively we recommend its replacement.

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