Repairs after traffic accidents

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Our experienced mechanics are able to manage complicated repairs of vehicle bodies after accidents. We are able to perform flawless bodyworks, repairs of mechanical parts and wiring so that the result is perfectly working vehicle including all safety elements. We repair structural elements of bodywork so that they keep maximum strength and further guarantee passenger safety. An experienced bodyworker is able to decide which parts can be repaired and which need replacing. Connections are made by fixed point welds.

We are able to put your vehicle in perfect condition regarding the visual condition as well. Precise and professional coating in the shade precisely fitting the vehicle colour is standard for us.

Safely after accident

All active and passive safety systems must work perfectly after accidents. Therefore, we also repair restraint systems together with mechanical damage – airbags and safety belts, including pretensioners, will be functional in order to be able to perform its duties as intended by the vehicle manufacturer.  

We always discuss the choice of spare parts with you. We can use original spare parts, which guarantee full function and lifespan, or secondary manufacturing spare parts. They are cheaper, but their quality and lifespan may be lower. We will always discuss suitability of individual solutions with you; we will show the replaced parts or hand them over if you are interested.

Together we will find the optimum repair solution after accident so that your car is made in perfect condition, and the price would be lower than that of an authorized garage. If necessary we can deal with administration formalities with insurance companies, whether it is from motor vehicle insurance or accident insurance.

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