Towing hitch installation

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If you need to tow a trailer, but your car is without a towbar, we have a solution for you. In Autodílny Kočer we perform professional installations of towbars of renowned manufacturers. We perform complete installations, including electric wiring. We sell towbars Bosal and Hook in our garage.

The installed towbars comply with applicable standards and are approved by Czech Ministry of Transport. All required documents on the towbar installation will be handed over to you, including the type sheet and installation certificate. This will allow you a trouble-free record of towbar installation in the vehicle registration certificate for its legal operation. You don’t need to visit National Technical Inspection (STK) thanks to the type sheet.      

Bosal towbars

Bosal innovative towbars offer fixed as well as removable coupling and are known by using an innovative plug-in system ORIS-Matic. Its easy-to-use revolving mechanism allows to hide the whole system under the rear bumper when it is not used.

Installation of Hook towbar 

Another available option is the installation of a towbar of a Czech manufacturer Hook.
Our customers can choose other certified manufacturers, such as:

  • Steinhof towbars
  • Imioła Hak-Pol towbars
  • Westfalia and GDW towbars

We issue a certificate for all of these products from their certified installation centre. 

How to register towbar 

  • We issue a type sheet – certificate on towbar installation to a towbar we install. It makes the whole process easier, save you a visit to the National Technical Inspection (STK) and related fees.
  • You visit the Ministry of Transport, where they make a record of your towbar in the Vehicle registration card. You will need the following documents:
    • Type sheet
    • Vehicle registration certificate (Small Technical Certificate)
    • Vehicle registration (Big Technical Certificate)
    • ID or Business licence (extract from the register of companies) for a legal person
    • Filled in "Application for registration of changes of data in road vehicle register"

Are you interested in a towbar installation for a good price, in the shortest possible time and with all formalities? Contact Autodílny Kočer.