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In Autodílny Kočer s.r.o. in Brno we can issue a service log book for your vehicle free of charge for each basic vehicle maintenance.

You don’t need to keep invoices and search for what was repaired in your car by our garage Autodílny Kočer s.r.o. Brno. You will receive your own service log book where you can find all performed operations in your car. That’s why you don’t have to trace back anything and avoid repeating common operations. The book is in a convenient A5 format and you can easily keep it in the glove compartment and have it at hand. Every repair, be it common maintenance or more serious repair, is recorded in the book and you are always aware of your car condition.


For more information on Kočer service log book contact Autodílny Kočer s.r.o. Brno.

Note: This service log book does not supersede the original warranty service book and is only used for information purposes and to check operations performed in the vehicle. In order to keep warranty for new vehicles, it is necessary to keep the original service book of a given vehicle or keep an invoice on the performed service or warranty inspection.