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In Autodílny Kočer you may have the warranty inspection or check made related to operations after a time period or after reaching certain mileage as in any authorized garage.

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In compliance with a European Commission decree, customers have the right to use any garage for repairs not falling under warranty conditions, within the legal or prolonged warranty period.

Warranty inspection only in authorized garage? A myth

In the warranty period your vehicle must go through warranty inspections in designated time intervals, but nowhere is written that only authorized garage must perform the inspections. Don’t be afraid to let us do these periodic inspections. We routinely perform warranty inspections and in addition we bring some advantages that are not common everywhere.

Warranty inspection advantages in Autodílny Kočer

  • You do not lose the warranty.
  • The inspection is considerably cheaper than in an authorized garage.
  • We use car manufacturers branded spare parts.
  • You always know what you get – we will show you all the parts and keep them for you to check.
  • Entries into the service log book and letting the customer know of all operations for their vehicles is a standard procedure.
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 Save on newer car maintenance 

Would you like to save and still be able to give your vehicle necessary care to keep the warranty conditions? Contact Autodílny Kočer. We are happy to perform warranty inspections or at least explain unclarities regarding this issue.

What warrant inspection includes and when it is performed

Whichever garage you choose, you should keep the designated servicing time periods. It differs based on the vehicle manufacturer and vehicle model, but generally the principle of “what happens first” applies, i.e. in case you drive tens of thousands of kilometres, you may easily reach the mileage limit before the designated time interval. In contrast, less used vehicles usually go through warranty inspections according to the designated time schedule specified by the manufacturer.

The details can be usually found in the service log book. What is more, modern vehicles usually inform you on necessary servicing themselves through the dashboard display or through infotainment.

Activities usually included in warranty inspections are 

  • Replacement of motor oil and filter 
  • Replacement of other filters: cabin, fuel, air filters
  • Checking, filling or replacing other liquids: brake, cooling, power steering liquids, oils in manual or automatic gearbox, axles or differential gear 
  • Checking or potential replacement of chassis components, exhaust 
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