Autodílny Kočer history

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In 1938 Jan Kočer established a car garage in České Budějovice, which was moved to Litomyšl later on. After WWII the company was repairing military vehicles and putting them back into operation.

The garage was confiscated in 1948 and ten years later the owners were forbidden to work in their own garage. The company moved to Brno and when the property was given back in the 1990s we reopened Autodílny Kočer, which bears the name of their founder.

After the Velvet Revolution, apart from repairing motor vehicles, our activities include importing vehicles from abroad. In the 1990s Autodílny Kočer was an authorized garage and seller of Renault.

We currently perform general repair services and also focus on renovations and repairs of antique vehicles.